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*I lay on my 11 inch fat digi cock and start doing cock push ups just as you showed me. at fast it was hard and going slowly as i did one and only got harder as i kept going as the pleasure builds up. as i get to 4 I start to leak some pre onto the floor and pant lustfully* wow this is a lot harder then I thought senpai. ^w^; but I won't give up. X3 * i do my 6th one almost blowing my load onto the ground.*

Come ooooon! Come ooooon! *he looks like he’s anticipating it*


Teaser WIP of the film I’m working on!

A fan animated version of Kesha’s song “Die Young”

playing around in After Effects was fun, and I actually have quite a bit more animated, but I think it’ll be a while ‘til I show the rest of that attached too the music.


….O.o; uh oh.